Impact site of charity organization Help Ukraine


Create a website that displays and visualizes the great work done by a non-profit charity.

Impact of HU22 projects have made on lives of displaced people and people affected by combat activity. All projects aim to fill the gaps in immediate assistance to people in need and help avert humanitarian crises in areas heavily impacted by the fighting. 

Organization provide full reporting on each project's progress and impact to show efficiency of each project and to inspire new ones.


It was developed site-catalogue of realized and current projects. 

Every project-page contains name, description, short statistic and photo gallery to provide the main informing about its activity.


As result we have a full-fledged portfolio of completed and active projects of charity organization Help Ukraine.

Site adapted to all mobile devises and desktops with various screen extensions.

Site developed on own mc design studio software. It's user-friendly and convenient to admin it.

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