Website development for non-profit project WAR22.ORG


WAR22.ORG - photo chronicle for the coverage of events and consequences of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Creation of a site for easy viewing of photo chronicles. Minimum of text, maximum of visual content.


Focusing on visual content, it was developed a functional photo gallery about the Russian-Ukrainian war 2022. Each section is filled with numerous photos accompanied by a description.

Site for WAR22.ORG is made in dark restrained shades, which corresponds to the difficult topic of the site, for clarity, each section and photos acquire color when hovering the cursor.


The site is made in two languages - English and German, and is adapted for all mobile devices.

The site operates on the innovative platform of its own development studio mc design.

On the site is integrated form for transfer of charitable contributions, developed by Donorbox. Mc design Studio assumes responsibility for data security and correctness of system integration into the site.

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