Printing products have an important role for any company, because it is at the same time: identity, advertising and information for potential customers. Mc design studio knows how to create a high-quality printing product design that will help to attract new customers, raise brand awareness, sell a product or highlight it among others.

Printing product design is the development of original design for advertising poster, postcards, booklet, presentations, advertising banners, posters, catalogs, business cards, calendars. Creation of printing products in mc design studio begins with the development of the concept, the next stage is the choice of color, font and illustration. After the necessary revisions and approvals, the layout is prepared for printing.

One of the elements of the company’s advertising strategy can be the successful design of the booklet. This small promotional document contains basic information about the product or service and is one of the most popular types of advertising. It resembles a small card that bends one or more times, but the design of the booklet uses more juicy shades with a variety of bright colors.

Booklets may contain information of both an advertising nature (to increase the interest of the audience in the service or product) and information (ideal for non-profit organizations). For more information, a brochure or product catalogue would be more appropriate. This type of printing products allows you to accommodate all the desired multi-page material.

The success of advertising promotion of the brand directly depends on the positive image and recognition of the company. Branding - the application of the company’s logo on advertising banners, billboards, external signage and other printing products, is one of the most effective means of brand promotion.

Mc design will create a unique design for any promotional products of your brand.